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Forty-one years into his marriage, George Shannon became better acquainted with a woman he once took for granted, and fell deeply in love with her…It was an experience that became in essence a second tug on his sleeve, a chance to rejuvenate a marriage that he “had not paid much attention to,” he said, for the better part of four decades.
– The New York Times
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Far from being a story of a man doing his duty, it is an inspiring account of this couple’s rediscovered love and acceptance of those things that could not be changed.
– Popular Pittsburgh
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A tenderly written memoir that pays testament to the selflessness that springs from unconditional love. A wistful love story and penetrating glimpse into the duties of a caregiver.
– Kirkus Reviews
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Impressively candid, informative, and ultimately inspiring, “The Best Seven Years of My Life: The Story of an Unlikely Caregiver” is an extraordinarily personal account that is especially recommended reading for anyone who finds themselves with cargiver responsibilities for a loved one.
– Midwest Book Review
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George Shannon had his life and marriage on cruise control…until his wife Carol suffered a life changing medical crisis.  Carol’s crisis changed George’s life as well…but not at all in the way he expected. The Best Seven Years of My Life, written by George and his son Chad Patrick Shannon is a sometimes heartbreaking, often funny, and an always honest look at George and Carol’s lives – both before and after Carol’s crisis.  The book provides an inspirational, in depth view of love and marriage and shows how love and devotion can overcome obstacles and hurdles no matter how difficult they may seem.  George and Chad Patrick pull no punches in describing those seven years, and their narrative draws you in and ultimately leaves you spellbound as you see Carol’s unbelievable inner strength revealed.  Her inner strength both humbles and inspires George to not only be a better husband but also a better man. The Best Seven Years of My Life is a must read for anyone who wants to be inspired and wants to be amazed at the power of love!  Highly, highly recommended.

– Robert D.

…a beautiful story…as I read, there were many tears, as well as smiles reminding me of how much I loved [Carol]. She was a gift and inspiration to me for so many years. She …would be so proud of you and Chad for writing this book.

– Linda H.

This book is so personal and poignant. And beautifully written.

– David S.

[This book] is such a beautiful tribute to Carol and really brings her alive. It is very well written and readable. You are so honest and forthright in what you say: that must have taken courage.

– Philip P.

[The book] really touched me on so many levels and I have a feeling many many others will be greatly impacted by your story.

– Jodi R.

What a wonderful telling of your story. Chad is a terrific writer, impressive how he made both you and Carol jump off the page.

– Laurie J.