About the Authors


lays claim to the story behind The Best Seven Years of My Life, but he leaves the writing credit to his son Chad. George enjoyed success throughout his career as a sales and marketing executive. He applied those learned skills to navigating the healthcare system as Carol’s advocate.

While George was taking care of Carol’s health, Carol was quietly showing the way to a humble and loving relationship. The entire experience transformed George’s approach to accepting himself as he is, the circumstances as they are, and those around him as they are. Humility and unconditional love were the result.


is a freelance writer, story consultant, and attorney. He has written articles, film scripts, comedy sketches, plays, and historical/legacy pieces, but he couldn’t have asked for a better subject for his first full-length book, The Best Seven Years of My Life.

In addition to his own writing, Chad consults with writers, attorneys, and healthcare organizations to develop story structure and narrative techniques. He has also written and directed three award-winning short films. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and creative better half, Catherine, along with their dog, Stella.